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Is there an optimum formula for deciding chip denominations?

Cash Game - $1/2, $1/3 or $2/5 cash breakdown | Poker Chip ... 1/2, 1/3, and 2/5 games all use a minimal number of $1 chips with the $5 chip the "workhorse" chip. You can easily run a full table of any of these games with a rack of $1s, or 10 chips/player. You will need enough $20 or $25 chips to fill out the set and $100s (if used) to cover re-buys. Minimal: 100 x $1 300 x $5 100 x $25 ($20) How to Structure Blinds & Chips of My $20 Buy-in Home Cash ... Re: How to Structure Blinds & Chips of My $20 Buy-in Home Cash Game? If it's a cash game with a $20 buy-in, then blinds of 10c/20c would be pretty standard. If it were my game I would just make the blinds 10c/25c and let people buy-in for whatever they wanted though. Suggested blinds/Chip distribution for $20 home cash game ... This is a complete waste of a chip denomination. If I were you I would play $.25/$.25 blinds with each player getting 12-20 $.25 chips are the rest in $1 chips. Use $5 chips for rebuys or $1 chips if you think you need more of those on the table. Edit: I see the chips you have. Use standard colors as much as possible. Free Poker Chip Calculator - How to Hold a Party

The perfect size and breakdown for a 4- or 5-player cash game. You get: 120 x $0.25; 80 x $1; and 40 x $5. This set, shown in 20-chip stacks, is ideal for a small cash home game with up to 5 players and a buy-in of up to $50 each player, or a side cash table at your tournament for players who exit the tournament but want to keep playing.

POKER CHIP LOT 20 MIXED OLD CHIPS $20 $5 $1 - Lot 3 (#1041) POKER CHIP LOT 20 MIXED OLD CHIPS $20 $5 $1 - Lot 3 This auction is for a LOT OF MIXED OLD POKER CHIPS. TOTAL OF 20 POKER CHIPS. The chips appear to be in fair to good used condition, and are being offered as is - what you see is what you get. As near as I can tell none of the chips are warped. Some have faded graphics; which are hard ... Chip denominations for .25/.50 game, occasionally .50/1.00 ... Re: Chip denominations for .25/.50 game, occasionally .50/1.00? My friendly game of .25/50 uses 1 chip as .50 and everything else as .25 we can run full ring plus a few rebuys with a couple sets of chips, after that we just buy chips off the big stacks and keep the $20 bills in play as $20 chips.

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Tourney - $20 + $5 bounty - Stacks? | Poker Chip Forum What would be a good starting stack for a $20 + $5 bounty buy in for 4-6 people? Biggest Chip Set | Poker Chip Forum What is your biggest chip set from the same series or casino that you currently own? (custom addons count too. Example: BCC PNY .25) What is the breakdown? Black Chip Poker Tournaments review at Black Chip Poker Tournaments reviews, details and timetables from High Five Poker November Tournament. Freerolls, Sit'n'Crush Tournament

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Best Answer: We do a $20 buy-in NL cash game all the time. We have 25cent SB/50 cent BB (blinds don't change) Here's the breakdown. 8 green chips worth 25 cents each ($2) 8 black (or blue) chips worth $1 each ($8) 2 red chips worth $5 each ($10). Another buddy does it different: 8 white chips worth 25 cents ... Chip colors | Poker Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia In contrast, other sites such as those in Las Vegas or Atlantic City would generally play a game like $6/12 with a mix of $1 and $5 chips, and instead of $9/18 would be much more likely to play $10/20 with $5 chips. Andrew Jackson $20 Plaque - Apache Poker Chips Description. Our Presidential Series plaques are just about exact copies of the actual notes issued by the Federal Reserve. Paper money is not the best for gambling but our plaques work great in a game and look fantastic.